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According to the Notice of Implementation Plan for Institutional Reform of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province as issued jointly by the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Government and People's Government of Jiangxi Province, referring to G. F. [2009] No.5, it is hereby to form a government department namely Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province (JXCIIT).

  1. 1.Duties as adjusted
    1. 1.The administrative duties as assigned respectively to the original Economic and Trade Commission of Jiangxi Province, Information Industry Department of Jiangxi Province, and the duties of industrial planning, industrial policy formulation and related duties to informatization as assigned to Development and Reform Commission of Jiangxi Province as well as the duties for administration of industry as assigned to the original Comprehensive Industry Administration Office of Economic and Trade Commission of Jiangxi Province and the original Non-ferrous Industry Administration Office of Jiangxi Province, are integrated into JXCIIT.
    2. 2.The duties as assigned to the Office of Information Work Leading Group of Jiangxi Province and Office of Rare Earth Leading Group of Jiangxi Province are integrated into JXCIIT.
    3. 3.Promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, push forward the combination of hi-tech with transformation of traditional industries, make large industries stronger, and accelerate the information construction of the province.
  1. 2.Major duties
    1. 1.Draw up and organize to implement the local rules, regulations and policies of industry and informatization, supervise and inspect their execution.
    2. 2.Put forward the new industrialization development strategy and policies, coordinate to solve major issues in the new industrialization, draw up and organize to implement the development plan for industrialization and informatization within the framework of general plan for economic and social development of the province, and carry forward the integration of industrialization and informatization.
    3. 3.Formulate and organize to implement industrial programs, plans and policies, propose policy suggestions to the optimization of industrial layout and restructuring, draw up and organize to implement technical specifications and standards of industries, and guide the quality management of industries.
    4. 4.Monitor and analyze the situation of industrial operation and release the relevant information, forecast, give early warning and offer guidance by supplying information, coordinate to solve the issues concerned in the industrial operation and propose policy suggestions thereto, undertake the relevant work of emergency management, industrial security and defense mobilization.
    5. 5.Assume responsibility for economic operation of industries and coal, electricity, oil supplies and transportation, assume responsibility for coordination of comprehensive transportation and guide and coordinate the work of modern logistics.
    6. 6.Draw up and organize to implement the programs, policies and standards of biomedicine, new materials and information industry in the hi-tech industry, guide the technical innovations and technical progress of industries, transform and upgrade the traditional industries with advanced and appropriate technology, organize to implement major science and technology programs, promote the industrialization of research findings, promote the development of software, information service and emerging industries.
    7. 7.Examine and approve the fixed asset investment projects (mainly refer to the investment projects in technical transformation) included in the programs and within the scales as provided for in the annual plans just in line with the prescribed limits of authority of provincial government, review and submit the investment projects to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for examination and approval.
    8. 8.Assume responsibility to organize and coordinate the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, organize to draw up the programs and policies for the development of major technical equipment and independent innovations, rely on the national and provincial key construction projects to coordinate the implementation of key projects concerned, promote the localization of major technical equipment and guide the absorbent innovation of major technical equipment imported.
    9. 9.Draw up and organize to implement the industrial policies for energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources and promotion of cleaner production, participate in the draw-up of programs for energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources and promotion of cleaner production, organize and coordinate the extensive application of key demonstration projects and new products, new technology, new equipment and new materials, take charge of administration of new wall materials, bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete and dry mortar.
    10. 10.Carry forward industrial restructuring and management innovations, improve the overall quality and core competitiveness of industries, guide the relevant industries to strengthen their work safety administration, handle the related matters to the implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention and administer medicine reserve of the provincial level.
    11. 11.Establish the working system of serving industrial enterprises within the province, formulate the programs for the training of managerial staffs from enterprises, organize to implement the training of managerial staffs from enterprises (exclusive of enterprises under the supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiangxi Province) and strengthen the entrepreneurs' team development.
    12. 12.Coordinate to accelerate the informatization across the province, organize to formulate the related policies, coordinate to solve key issues in the informatization, promote the integration of telecom, radio & TV and computer networks, guide and coordinate the development of e-government, work together with telecommunications, radio & television and other administrative departments to promote the cross-industry and cross-department interconnections and development, utilization and sharing of important information resources.
    13. 13.Assume responsibility for administration of information security, responsible to coordinate the information security maintenance and construction of information security protection system, guide and supervise the security protection of important information systems and basic information networks of governmental departments and key industries, coordinate to handle major incidents related to network and information security.
    14. 14.Arrange and administer radio spectrum resources on a unified basis and within the limits of authority, supervise and administer radio stations in accordance with law, take charge of administration of transmitting equipments, coordinate to handle the related matters to radio administration between military and localities, take charge of radio interference monitoring, detection, investigation and punishment, coordinate to handle the matters of electromagnetic interference, maintain the order of air waves, and implement radio control in accordance with law.
    15. 15.Coordinate the planning of public telecom network, internet, radio & TV network and other private telecom networks of the province, supervise and administer the information service market in accordance with law.
    16. 16.Carry out foreign exchange and cooperation of industry and informatization.
    17. 17.Undertake other jobs designated by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province.


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